Overcoming Anxiety 

When someone comes to me for help with anxiety, I create a safe environment where they feel understood, and no longer feel alone. We focus on the past and present factors that are contributing to the anxiety they feel.

 As anxiety affects the whole life, we target the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. The true solution comes when we take time to come to a relaxed state, notice what is really contributing to the anxiety, and re-confront these triggers from a safe emotional distance. The joy of being free from anxiety is to feel in control again, and be more resilient when anxiety and stress does come again. Our work to free you from anxiety creates room for more self-discovery,  from where more freedom can occur.

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Help For Depression

We all sometimes feel low, but if you find yourself always feeling down or negative about yourself you may be in a struggle with depression. The good news is that you do not have to struggle with these feelings alone. You can get help to overcome depression, no matter how long you have lived with it. 

Not everyone has the same symptoms, but depression always takes a toll on your life. It may become difficult to get out of bed in the morning, or difficult getting work done. You may find that your friendships and intimate relationships are suffering as well. You may sleep too much or not be able to sleep well. Feelings of fatigue and low energy throughout your day are common symptoms that can greatly affect your every-day life. Eating patterns can be disrupted—you may eat too much, or crave sweets and comfort foods, or you may lose your appetite and not have any interest in food anymore. You may have lost passion for activities you used to enjoy. 

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