Help For Depression

   We all sometimes feel low, but if you find yourself always feeling down or negative about yourself you may be in a struggle with depression. The good news is that you do not have to struggle with these feelings alone. You can get help to overcome depression, no matter how long you have lived with it.

   Not everyone has the same symptoms, but depression always takes a toll on your life. It may become difficult to get out of bed in the morning, or difficult getting work done. You may find that your friendships and intimate relationships are suffering as well. You may sleep too much or not be able to sleep well. Feelings of fatigue and low energy throughout your day are common symptoms that can greatly affect your every-day life. Eating patterns can be disrupted—you may eat too much, or crave sweets and comfort foods, or you may lose your appetite and not have any interest in food anymore. You may have lost passion for activities you used to enjoy.

   As depression is often accompanied by guilt and negative feelings about yourself, it is especially important to realize that the feelings and thoughts about yourself and your worth are not accurate to who you really are. Many people are born with a genetic predisposition for depression, and can begin to develop depressive traits very early on in life. Family and early relationships can plant seeds of depression that don’t show until later in life.

   It takes courage to ask for help. When I work with you to become free from depression we will start by understanding the personalized events and factors of your life that are leading to the feelings and symptoms of depression. Frequent triggers are rejection in love relationships, criticism at work or by an important person in your life. Unresolved grief and loss can also lead to depressive symptoms, as can unresolved post-traumatic stress. Your individual triggers for depression are often related to thoughts and feelings that have remained hidden and avoided. Part of therapy is re-discovering and filtering through the feelings that have been kept under the surface, leading to liberation from feelings that were triggering negative thoughts and feelings about the self.

   As depression can make it difficult to have an accurate view of yourself, a portion of our work will help you to know and appreciate your individual intellectual and emotional strengths. When depression lifts, you will rediscover yourself and find renewed energy. You will find your strength returning to you, and will feel free of the negative thoughts and feelings that held you down.

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