Services Provided

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy:

We all need a chance to develop our personal style and personal path for the issues we cope with.   Individual counseling and psychotherapy give you that chance.  Issues can become growth challenges.  Each time we successfully tackle our issues we become stronger, more resilient and more hopeful.

EMDR: for help with those stuck places.

Very often issues from the past continue to have a profound influence on our present ways of coping.  EMDR makes it possible to reduce the emotional impact, and discover inner strengths and new coping skills.

EMDR and Psychotherapy: for Trauma, PTSD and Childhood Trauma:

EMDR is a potent and effective means of alleviating the effects of trauma and childhood trauma in people’s lives.  It becomes even more effective when coupled with psychotherapy.

Stress Management and Stress Reduction:

We have all been told RELAX but rarely told how to do that.  Stress reduction is an integral part of feeling better.  I show people a variety of different ways for becoming calmer, more centered and more relaxed.

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