Does it feel like anxiety has taken over your life?

  • Are you always worried and afraid to act?
  • Are you anxious around others?
  • Are you irritable and angry a lot of the time?

Do you feel like depression is undermining your life and relationships?

  • Do you feel convinced that you can't measure up?
  • Are you self-critical and self-loathing?
  • Has life lost its meaning?
  • Have interests and people been feeling dull and disappointing?

Counseling and psychotherapy make the difference.

  • I can help you gain control over anxiety and depression.
  • I can help you develop a calmer clearer sense of yourself.
  • Your thoughts and feelings can become clear guides for your actions.
  • You'll feel stronger, more in charge of your life, more open to new opportunities.
  • Relationships will feel more comfortable and provide more satisfaction.

Nancy Auster LCSW has over 30 years of experience helping people find and develop their inner strengths. In addition to more traditional methods, she also uses EMDR, a mind/body method known for promoting change.

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